Past Shows / Events / Projects


April 3-April 11 - Musik Messe Show - Franfurt Germany

March 30 - April 2 - Berklee Studio Collaboration

March 8 - Interview CKXS 99.1

Feb 18th - Tops of Windsor 10pm

Feb 8-15 - Studio Project -Boston

Feb 7th - Interview Live on Cogeco 11 

Feb 1st - live Podcast

January 31-Feb 5th - Video/Photo Shoot for "Worthy"

January 19-28 - NAAM - Anaheim California  and Recording Project

Januray 6th - The Rondo - Windsor Music Archive - Christian Vegh 11:45pm



December 30th - WFCU Windsor Express Home Opener - Rick Rock & Christian Vegh at 7pm  

December 30th - Mentors Matters Show features Christian Vegh - Cogeco Cable 11 at 5:30pm  

December 27th - Nancy Duffy Show features Christian Vegh CJOM 99.1 Windsor Detroit & & TuneinRadio & iTunes  

December 26th - Mentors Matters Show features Christian Vegh - Cogeco Cable 11 at 9:30pm  

December 20-22 - Recording - SLR Studios - Marty Bak  

December 17th - Cosmos, Caesars Casino Windsor - 9pm-1am  

December 6th - Recording - SLR Studios - Marty Bak  

November 18th - Cosmos, Caesars Casino Windsor - 9pm-1am  

November 18th - Biz X International Magazine Awards Gala-Christian Vegh ""Artist of the Year" 6pm  

October 11th - Showcase at Hugh's Room Toronto - 8:30pm  

August 30-Sept 6 Recording in L.A. with Stacey Heydon, Gregg Bissonette, Matt Bissonette  

July 17th - Bluesfest Windsor Second Stage various times all night see  

July 17th - Bluesfest Windsor - Music Clinic - Christian teaches/performs with Bluesfest Greats 12-2pm  

July 16th - Bluesfest Windsor Main Stage 3pm  

July 2nd - Cosmos, Caesars Casino Windsor - 9pm-1am  

July 1st Canada - O'Canada Video (Remax/Windsor Star) released across Canada  

June 25-26th - Canada's Music Incubator - Artist Workshops  

June 19-21st - Las Vegas, Nevada Christian is Awarded the Charles McDaniel Diversity Award & Scholarship for promoting Diversity, Innovation & Excellence in Music - presented at the 100th Convention of the Federation of Musicians  

June 9th - "Music for Maddie" 7-9pm Catholic Central - All Proceeds to Maddie Mallen's Recovery  

June 9th - "Music for Maddie" 1pm Sold Out - All Proceeds to Maddie Mallen's Recovery  

June 4th - "Christian Vegh Rocks the Capital" CD Launch/Multimedia Art/Music Event - All Proceeds to "Christian Vegh/Windsor Symphony Orchestra High School Education Program Sponsorship"; "Christian Vegh/Windsor Symphony Orchestra Scholarship" for SoCa University of Windsor and St. Clair College Music Theatre Performance and Entertainment Technology Programs and the "Christian Vegh -Windsor Symphony Youth Orchestra Annual Scholarships" - Doors Open 7pm Concert 8-11pm  

April 22 - Cosmos, Caesars Casino Windsor - 8pm-1am  

February 22 - Berklee Performance Center, Boston - 8pm  

January 21-24 - NAAM - Anaheim Convention Center, California with Hedras Ramon  

January 8th - Phog Lounge, Windsor - 10pm  



December 18-24 - Las Vegas - Brotherhood of the Guitar Photoshoot/Videos with Robert Knight 

October 4th - Mitch Lewis Memorial (Christian/The Walkervilles) Average Joes - 6pm 

October 4th - 4th Wall Productions Capital Theatre - 4pm 

August 28th - CornFest Opening for "These Kids Where Crowns" 

August 15th - Leamington Tomato Festival - Christian Vegh Band 9:30 pm 

August 7th - 2015 Canadian Unity Conference (AFM/CFM/WFM) Christian Vegh Opening 2pm 

July 27-August 6th - Recording - SLR Studios/Marty Bak 

July 13th - Kiwanis Blues Workshop/Performance 

July 12th - Windsor International BluesFest - 4pm 

August 10th - Kiwanis Blues Workshop/Performance 

June 12th - Strawberry Fest - 3pm 

June 6th - Christian at Phog Lounge with Waffle Jammerhouse (Toronto) & Mountain of Wolves (London) 10-1am 

June 3rd - Capital Theatre 7pm - Jazz Performance 

April 24th - Christian Vegh & Mindil Beach (Vancouver) at Oasis Lounge/Place Concorde 8:45 pm 

April 24th - Christian Vegh & Mindil Beach (Vancouver) streamed live from 12-2pm see FB for details 

April 22nd - Christian Vegh - Windsor Star Cafe - 12pm 

April 16-19th - Christian - Festival of Music - International Jazz Competition - Nashville 

April 1-4th - Christian - Performs at Jeff Burrows "Jeff in the Box" 

March 28th - Christian & Scott Holt Sportsmen Club 9pm 

March 27th - Christian Swing into Spring Jazz Band & Big Louie - Fogular 7pm 

January 15th Local Stream Magazine Launch Party Featuring Christian on Cover/RL Headlining 

January TBA - Christian - International Baccalaureate Music Performance 



November 23rd Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blue" Workshop - Oasis Lounge 7pm 

November 20th Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blue" Workshop - Oasis Lounge - 7pm 

November 18th Finals-Battle of the Blues - Canada South Blues Society-Oasis Lounge-Place Concorde-Time TBA 

November 15-16th Christian - Songwriter's Association of Canada Conference - Toronto 

November 14th - Red Legacy Dominion House Headliner - 10:00pm 

November 13th - Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blue" Workshop - Oasis Lounge - 7pm 

November 7th - Christian Acoustic Performance - Random Acts of Kindness Day- Windsor Regional Hospital 3-7pm 

November 4th - Battle of the Blues-Canada South Blues Society-Oasis Lounge-Red Legacy Wins Moves to Finals 

November 1st - Christian Acoustic Performance at "Jeff in the Box" for Foodbank - Malden Zehrs 10 - 3pm 

October 31st - Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blues" Workshop - Catholic Central 

October 24th - Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blues" Workshop - Catholic Central 

October 17th -Christian/Canada South Blues Society Hosts "15 Shades of Blues" Workshop - Catholic Central 

October 4th - Benefit Constable Pete Tucker at Tecumseh Legion 1236 Lanoue St. 6:15pm 

August 22nd - Corn Fest 7:45pm Opening for Down with Webster 

August 3rd - Mitch Lewis Memorial at Average Joes - 5:00pm 

August 1st - 99.1FM Spotlight Interview with Jay Smith - 3:30pm 

July 19th - Colchester Festival Cancelled till 2015 

July 20th - Red Legacy - All ages CD Launch Party at the Venue - Doors 5pm 

July 12th - Dragon Boats Free Concert - 1:15 pm 

July 4th - Amherstburg Rib Festival 3:00 - 5:00 pm 

June 23rd-June27th - Christian Scholarship to Steve Vai Academy New York 

June 22nd - Blues Society Summer Kick off Place Concorde 3:00 pm 

June 20th - Tecumseh Art of Food & Wine 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

June 18th - Christian Hosts Long & McQuade Free Guitar Clinic 5:00-6:30 pm 

June 6th - LaSalle Strawberry Fest 8:00 pm Opening for Destroyer - Fireworks Night 

May 31 - T to B Jeff Burrows Drumathon 

May 22 - Christian Vegh - Me to We Speaker & Lil Jaxe opens for Red Legacy - Chrysler Theatre 

May 2 - Showcase Performance at Rock of Dimes - Dominion House 10:05pm 

April 27 - Fundraiser - Ken Koestat - Moose Lodge 

March 23-April - CBC Searchlight Contest - Vote for Red Legacy via @cbcmusic 

April 5th - First Robotics Regional - U of W. St. Denis Ctr. 12:15pm 

March Break - Red Legacy - Recording Debut EP - SLR Studios - Marty Bak 

February 1st - Headlines - Canada South Blues Society at Oasis Lounge - Place Concorde 8:00pm  



August 23rd - Corn Festival (Tecumseh) Opened for Sean Desmond 

August 22nd - Corn Festival (Tecumseh) 

August 18th - Balloonapalooza 11:00am Downtown Windsor 

August 16th - Passport to the World 8:45 Riverfront Plaza (Windsor) 

August 15th - Chrisitan Vegh - International Children's Games Opening Ceremonies WFCU (Windsor) 

August 10th - Colchester Village Festival 3:00pm (Colchester) 

July 7th - Cork & Fork - Riverfront Plaza 3:00pm (Windsor) 

June 23rd - Musician Showcase Blues Society 5-7pm (Windsor) 

June 23rd - Mitch Lewis Tribute 3:00pm (Windsor) 

June 21st - Relay for Life 9:00pm (LaSalle) 

June 21st - Art of Wine Festival 6:30pm (Tecumseh) 

June 15th - Long and McQuade Customer Appreciation Event (Windsor) 

June 11th - Chrisitan Vegh - ACS Jazz Capitol Theatre (Windsor) 

June 6th - Strawberry Festival (LaSalle) 

June 1st - 1st Annual Battle of the Bands for Cancer (LaSalle) First Place 

May 26th - Canadian Conservatory of Music Fogular Furlan (Windsor) 

May 20th - City of Windsor Birthday Riverfront Festival Plaza 

May 11th - T2B/Jeff Burrows Drumathon Fundraiser (Windsor) 

April 28th - Lefty's (Windsor) 

April 27th - The Local Dive ï¿¿ Open for Destroyer Kiss Tribute Band (Tecumseh) 

April 19th-20th - Christian Vegh - Jazz Band International Competition (New York) 

April 13th - Sonny Rhodes Canadian Hall of Fame Induction (Windsor) 

April 5th - Christian Vegh - Jazz Band/Big Louie (Windsor) 

March 23rd - Opened for Destroyer Kiss Tribute Band (Windsor) 

March 9th - Christian Vegh performed at BB Kings Blues Bar (Nashville Tennessee) 

February 24th - Lefties (Windsor) 

January 3rd - Hospice Jam (Amherstburg)  



December 15th - Winterfest - Wine Fest Performance (Windsor) 

December 14th - Long & McQuade Battle of the Bands (Windsor) First Place 

November 3rd - Opened for Johnny Rocca Concert (Windsor) 

September 23rd - Christian Vegh - Accoustic Guitar Walk/Cleary (Windsor) 

August 19th - Outdoor Concert - Lefties (Windsor)